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Kaijinmei precision model factory is an authorized manufacturer of many international brands.

The factory is located in Shajing Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, only 8 km from Shenzhen Airport.It covers an area of over 3,000 square meters.Perfect machinery and equipment to quickly and accurately complete the order to provide the basic guarantee.Create real doll, film and television doll, dolls, doll 1/6 1/12 1/1, 1/4 doll, props, ABS, PVC figurines, evade glue toys, clothes, cartoon toys, sewing clothes shoes and hats, plush toys, anime characters resin model, games, anime, toys of all kinds of metal, metal is the train model 1/160, 1/87 scale model of precision manufacturing.Freeform surface modelling is used to project the facial expressions, texture and fine detail of the characters into a lifelike model.Invite internationally renowned designers/sculptors to create world-class quality toys for guests' projects.

In the development process of the company, we designed and made a variety of model handboards, toys, animation, film and television theme toy production, stationery, crafts, medical equipment and other model handboards, mold manufacturing, plastic injection, mold manufacturing processing, injection processing.Industrial product development and design as a supplementary high - tech enterprises.More than ten years of development hone, so that the company has a group of high-quality research and development, production and technical support of the professional team, for the long-term development of the company to provide a strong technical support, comprehensive service.Welcome friends from all walks of life Wei Lin visit, guidance and business negotiations.


Simulation scale dolls, PVC dolls, plastic coated dolls, clothing animation dolls, sewing clothes, animation characters resin models, all kinds of metal toys, simulation scale train models, military models, all kinds of manual model manufacturing, mold manufacturing, plastic injection

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